Committee Volunteer Application

  Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting candidates for officers to fill open Board seats for the spring election. The committee requests nominations, presents a slate of candidates for officers and at large members of the Executive Board and reviews and/or revises the criteria to be met by prospective candidates. The committee will require several meetings/conferences by phone after the first of the year.

  Program Committee

The program committee is responsible for planning all programs which include: Networking Event, Law Day, January Half Day, and Annual Meeting. In addition, we will be planning a lecture series that will be offered for the first time this year. This committee generally involves 2-3 in person meetings and 10-20 phone conferences throughout the year.

  Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and sustaining membership. This committee responds to prospective members and provides information about CHRMS and communicates with current members to address their membership needs. All applications for membership are received through the committee and recommendations are presented to the Executive Board as appropriate. This committee collects and processes membership dues, notifies members of their membership acceptance, maintains the Membership Roster (available on the website) and notifies the Communications Committee of new members. The Membership Committee meets formally, per conference call or in a mutually agreeable location, twice per year. Most assignments to members are generally ad hoc. Members take on assignments as their availability permits.


The Communications Committee is responsible for the newsletter and maintaining the website. Members are responsible for soliciting contributions to the newsletter from individuals and other CHRMS committees as well as developing and authoring newsletter content. Our goal this year is to provide CHRMS members with a flow of information on a monthly basis. Commitment involves a conference/meeting by phone approximately once per month.

  Scholarship and Giving Committee

This committee will be responsible for implementing the CHRMS Scholarship program.  The committee will be involved in the review of applications and selection of scholarship recipients and ongoing review and development of the scholarship program.  In addition, this committee will evaluate and review charitable causes of interest to CHRMS.  Commitment will involve several phone conferences throughout the year and an in-person meeting at the discretion of the committee.